Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cookbook Giveaway!

Gooseberry cookbooks have tried and true recipes with homemade flavor for the  on the go family!

Want  to win a Gooseberry Patch cookbook!  Here's how to enter.
~ Leave a comment with  your name, email, & a recipe that you want to share.
~ become a follower of Recipe Girls blog.
~ give a shout out about our giveaway on your own blog.  If someone tells me that you sent them then you get a bonus entry !

You MUST enter by October 1, 2010 @ 11 pm MST.  Good Luck!!!!


  1. Hola! I'm a follower, I've given a shoutout on my own blog about your blog, and now I'm leaving a comment. I hope you have a great day!


    I'll share my taco soup recipe if you'd like it. :)

  2. Hello I am a follower as well, Jamie who made the comment above mentioned you on her blog and so here I am. I will gladly share a recipe with you if you like....just let me know what kind and I will come up with something. utahmonks@msn.com Oh and I will give a shout out on my blog. Thanks

  3. Mandy Woodard

  4. Hi!! I'm a new follower, I've given a shoutout on my own blog about your blog and your great giveaway (http://candyricettebarbare.blogspot.com/2010/09/cookbook-giveaway-di-recipe-girlz.html) and now I'll share my Vinegar flavored with walnuts recipe if you'd like it: we need 500ml white vinegar and 100g fresh walnuts.
    Shell the walnuts, depriving them of the inner skin and place them in an airtight jar. Cover it with vinegar and let stand for 30 days. Remove the nuts, filter the vinegar and store in a bottle. It's a great dressing for salads!
    ricettebarbare at gmail dot com